About us

Have you asked yourself that  pressing question: What could you lose a lunch break (those are hard to come by) talking about? The answer for us is simple – hair! We hold certification from the Institute of Trichologists and spent years studying your hair and scalp from the inside out. Our love and enthusiasm for the subject pulled us through those studious early mornings before daybreak in search of proficiency and here we are ready and able to help.


Why us? We love hair. Enjoy it even. We enjoy seeing the joy it can bring an individual. The joy it can bring us (on a good hair day) - but we need to do more than just address the aesthetics. We're here to help patients with their hair and scalp issues, pinpointing the reasons for major or minor changes in hair behaviour.


Can’t my GP or Hairdresser help?


GP’s are core to a healthy society but they are stretched and given a small window to assess and diagnose your problem. This is what they are trained to do and they do it well but during our trichological consultation you have a 60 minute window to solely and holistically discuss and investigate your hair and scalp to get to the root cause of the issue.


Hairdressers do a great job of making us look wonderful but their scientific and medical knowledge is limited. Let those wonderful people focus on extending their creative artistry to your tresses rather than getting bogged down in the details as this often results in misinformation.

Why SH?

Since we are 'Smart About Hair' we recognise that all hair was not made equal. Some patients require advice on hair care, products and a solid regime. Where others will present conditions of the hair and or scalp that will require more in depth analysis involving a longer consultation, a hair and scalp examination, a diagnosis of the problem and potential follow-up treatments. 


We enjoy taking a holistic approach to diagnosing hair and scalp disorders including exploring dietary factors, genetics and general health among other factors. We operate in discreet surroundings as we understand and respect many of our patients need for privacy during what can be a traumatic and difficult time dealing with hair issues.

Our core values

Authenticity, transparency and integrity. You won’t get a stiff medic here. What you will find are personable, trustworthy professionals who above all else know the hair and scalp inside out.


Not only have we been trained by the best in the business but more importantly - we care.


The Smart Hair Clinic is about achieving results where possible and being honest and reassuring whatever the outcome.