How Much is too Much?

Hair professionals around the world can attest to being asked this question many times over - how much hair loss is normal?

Concerns such as “i lost lots of hair when shampooing in the shower last night. Am I thinning?” and “should i be worried if i lose X amount of hair [insert photo of shed hair]?” are commonplace but are often not a reason to be concerned.

Let’s tackle these two questions specifically. Many of you may or may not be aware of the hair shed rule - expect to lose up to 150 hairs a day. Now the hairs referred to in that statement are shed hairs; hair that has shed naturally as a result of the hair growth cycle. How will you know if it’s a shed hair? The shed hairs are generally long hairs that have a bulb - a hard, white club shaped nodule - at the root end. This hair may fall loose without any assistance but often some help is required for the hair to untangle from the other 149,000 hairs on your head and this usually appears in the form of manipulation.