Mineral Superstars: essential minerals for healthy hair growth

Mineral imbalances are too often the cause of hair loss. In a society which would rather smell the coffee than the roses, we have come to pride ourselves on quick fixes and record timings. But there are some things that you can’t bypass and that is health. Your body and more specifically your hair holds a mirror up to your internal self and reflects all that you try to hide with product and styling.

With over 20 minerals found in hair lacking in these vital nutrients could send your body into a tizz so don’t miss out, make sure you’re including these six today:

  1. Zinc & Selenium have a close relationship with the thyroid. Along with other elements they help to control the release of the thyroid hormone. If your body is lacking in these minerals your thyroid can become underactive which can lead to a diffuse type of hair loss.

Sources: eggs, oysters, beef and fortified cereals and wholegrains, nuts (Brazil nuts and Walnuts)

  1. Iron – any of the most common types of hair loss are associated with a lack of iron or serum ferritin. Iron deficiencies have a vast effect on the interworking of the body with the hair being the first to be disregarded in favour of more important organs. Before it gets to this stage make sure you’re consuming a sufficient amount of dietary iron.

Sources: red meat, sunflower seeds, tofu, dark leafy green vegetables, dark chocolate and beans

  1. Calcium, Whey & Casein are important for hair growth and are sourced from dairy products. If you are vegan or ovo-vegetarian however, its is worth being aware that casein and whey are milk proteins that are only found in raw dairy products. The WHO recommends between 400-500mg of calcium per day for adults.

Sources: dairy, eggs, soy (soybeans, soy milk), broccoli, kale, okra, Chinese cabbage and collard greens.

Nutrition is a complex subject and this list is by no means designed to be exhaustive but to give a little more thought to those mealtimes. It could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Read: What on earth are minerals and why should your hair care? For more information.


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