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About us

Since we are 'Smart About Hair' we recognise that all hair was not made equal. Some patients require advice on hair care, product suggestions and guidance on a solid regime. While others will present conditions of the hair and or scalp that will require a more in depth analysis which will involve a longer consultation and examination, in addition to a diagnosis of the problem, potential outcome and follow-up treatments.


Our trichological clinic operates in discreet surroundings as we understand and respect many of our patients need for privacy during what can be a traumatic and difficult time dealing with hair issues.



The aim of your consultation is to reach a diagnosis.


We will formally summarise our recommendations post-consultation


Following your consultation we will discuss your treatment options. 


Your 45-60 minute consultation will explore your genetic makeup, diet & health among other areas. It will also include a hair & scalp examination

What's next?



Try to avoid washing your hair 24 hours before a consultation. You may wash away some vital signs of your condition.


If you take prescription medications on a regular basis, or If you have had any blood tests in the last three months, please bring the results along with you.

Your consultation can last up to one hour during which time we will discuss your concern, examine your scalp and hair and provide a diagnosis.